Remote Monitoring and Patch Management

Gain the ability to know everything about your network, without costly labor to harvest detailed environment and device level information. LabTech silently scans all the computers (workstations, servers and virtual machines) and all other network connected devices in the environment, making site management and assessments simple, easy and automated. We know how hard it is to manually maintain proper system inventory, lifecycle and performance metrics for your environment. LabTech manages and documents thousands of data elements for all your computing devices, right down to the component level.

How Network PhD’s Remote Monitoring and Patch Management Service helps you
  • Compile data, audit and manage workstations, servers, printers, routers and mobile devices
  • Easy deployment to one device, a group of devices or to one or multiple locations without business disruption
  • Enhanced control center user interface (UI) delivers easier and quicker feature detection
  • Unparalleled performance speed coupled with on-demand tunnel vision
  • Performs non-intrusive, seamless maintenance and support services without scheduling end-user interruptions and downtime


“Know everything about your network”

Monitoring and patch management are critical issues. The vulnerabilities that exist on unpatched systems, and the corresponding downtime and expense they bring, is the biggest reason you need patch management. Managing updates for all the applications and operating systems within a small company can be complex. A successful monitoring and patch management plan is needed to keep your systems safe and protected.

LabTech provides an unmatched arsenal of secure remote access, monitoring, management and automation capabilities. Increased command processing speed, centralized dashboards and refined reporting allows for enhanced IT service offerings without additional technical resources.