Managed Anti-Virus Service

Network PhD has evaluated and selected ESET to provide comprehensive antivirus software to protect your business without slowing you down. Network PhD’s Managed Anti-Virus Service utilizes ESET’s control panel in our hosted environment to monitor your system’s periodic scans, infections and quarantine without having to be onsite or disrupt users.

Why our Managed Anti-Virus Service is Different

Utilizing our preferred solution, you can save money and have peace of mind by knowing that we diligently test each solution to identify compatibility and performance issues prior to installation in your network environment. By tracking known issues and their resolutions we are able to reduce unexpected failures and limit down-time or disruption. We also provide:

  • Software licenses and management of licenses
  • Centralized hosted management of antivirus clients
  • Automated monitoring and reporting of client AntiVirus activity
  • Console based, remote remediation of viruses, application updates, and virus definition updates


“As the nature of threats continue to evolve, the nature of protection must also evolve.”

Our hosted solution provides an estimated SAVINGS OF APPROXIMATELY $500 PER YEAR! Reducing your costs in support, administration and resource fees.

Data Protection keeps your business data safe from new and unknown threats and the high-performance virus scanner gives you great protection without getting in the way of business. We provide safe online business transactions by adding vital extra security on top of your anti-virus.